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Face cream anti-aging shungite

The effect of active components of the composition: 

Tocopherol acetate(vitamin E) is the most well-known vitamin necessary for the health and beauty of skin. Vitamin E has a rejuvenating effect, slows down the process of photoaging of the skin, fights skin dryness, maintaining water-lipid balance, solves the problem of pigment spots, freckles, has a calming effect, relieving inflammation, irritation, and peeling of the skin. Green tea extract due to its regenerative properties, it is often used in cosmetics for Mature skin. In addition, the composition of the extract consists of the strongest biogenic stimulators, humectants and moisture-controlled substances: enzymes, vitamins and vegetable proteins, amino acids and essential oils. The ingredients of green tea have good penetrating power, allowing them to act not only on the deep layers of the epidermis but also the dermis. They increase microcirculation in the tissues,

stimulate the production of collagen of the skin. A big plus is that green tea has a positive effect on the skin, protecting it from free radicals without irritating and without overloading it.

Therefore, the cosmetics are based on it practically does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

  The result:  Reduces wrinkles, makes the skin more youthful and toned. Gives smoothness and Shine.   




Product choosing options from G-Time CORPORATION through VIP Programme:

 Option Atravel bag: 3 pcs. of scrub + 3 pcs. of face mask moisturising /


Product choosing options from G-Time CORPORATION through MAIN Programme:

 Option A - 1 pc. of watch (main) + 6 packages of soap

Option B3 pcs. of cream (in a case) + 1 pc.…

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