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Product choosing options from G-Time CORPORATION through MAIN Program. Option D

1 pc. of rejuvenating cream + 1 pc. of anti acne cream + 1 pc. of moisturising cream + 1 pc. of foot cream + q pc. of hand cream + 1 pc. of cream against bruises and abrasions + 1 pc. of prophylactic heating cream + 1 pc. of anti cellulite cream + 1 pc. of plate / Antiseptic gel 2pcs / 1 pc. Schungite cosmetic cater  (of your choice) + 1 pc. of water filter







Dear Partners, according to new Tax Code of RK, in order to get rewards in the amount of 800 000 and 3 000 000 tenge, Partners should provide an invoice for the realisation of goods! Attention, invoice is needed only for RK citizens! Invoice should be filled out in a hard copy. Copies filled out with…


Dear Partners, You can make a payment for products in the Section "Services - Purchases" at or using mobile application Homebank which are available for 24 hours, without visiting the office. Service is available only for the Clients of Kazkommerts Bank.


g-time corporation

Right now "G-TIME Corporation" is a brand, corporation with a big letter, which has no analogues in the world and people who value their golden time work here.Nowadays G-Time is one of the largest and important corporations not only in Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders. There are 500 thousand partners of G-Time in 80 countries.

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