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Product choosing options from G-Time CORPORATION through MAIN Program. Option E

1 packages of soap + 2 pc. of anti acne cream + 1 pc. of foot cream + 1 pc. of hand cream1 pc. of cream against bruises and abrasions + 1 pc. of prophylactic heating cream + 3 pcs. of  body lotion + 2 pc. of Eco odor absorber or balm for the skin "Qamqor" (of your choice + 3 pcs. of plate + 1pc. Shampoo for men + 1pc. Shampoo for women’s + 1pc. gel for women's + 1pc.  gel for men + 1pc. sunscreen cream + 1pc. suntan oil




Dear partners, We are happy to inform you about the start of a new promotion !!!

The date of the PROMOTION is from 09.07.2018  to 09.08.2018.

According to the results of the promotional action, the most active partners will receive a tourist ticket to  Montenegro !!!

To participate…


Dear partners!!! We are glad to inform you about the launch of training trainings from the leading business coach Nursultan Baibolov. The trainings will be held for 5 days in the following cities:

Atyrau - from Jule 16 to 20

g-time corporation

Right now "G-TIME Corporation" is a brand, corporation with a big letter, which has no analogues in the world and people who value their golden time work here.Nowadays G-Time is one of the largest and important corporations not only in Kazakhstan, but also beyond its borders. There are 500 thousand partners of G-Time in 80 countries.

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