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Water filter

It contains lots of ultrathin pores. It filters rust stains, different types of waste and other foreign substances through water. When the white surface of a ceramic gets dirty with contamination agents collected from the water, the surface could be cleaned out by a scrubber. This function allows to use the ceramic filter over a long period of time (although the filter’s durability depends on the quality of the water). Ceramic filter’s diameter is 0.2 microns (diameter of a bacteria is 0.5 – 1.5 microns). Its function is to filter out all the dirt, particles of sand and bacteria so the water would not contain any harmful illnesses such as typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery.

 Activated coal with carbonic coals and silver coating remove chlorine, organic chemical substances and unpleasant odour. Final result – crystal clear mineral water.

 Zeolitic infrared bioceramic balls totally remove heavy metals such as lead, mercurous, aluminium and other harmful heavy metals which cause cancer.

 Quartz sand removes acidic components to achieve pH balance of water.

 Mineral sand substitutes mineral carriers, which leads to water softening and restores normal pH balance of liquid in the human organism.

 Enriched shungite.

Shungite saturates water with loads of micro- and macro-elements, as well as fullerene-like carbon.

 Magnetic crane.

Magnetism is considered helpful for human body. When the filtered water goes through magnetic water plug there appears a magnetic power, created by water molecules which increases water absorbency in the human body. 




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