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partners with us


04. 2021 г

Change in sets according to the VIP program

Option A

Sacvoyage -21 000 tenge
2 pcs. Active carbon-mineral filler based on shungite
4 things. Antiseptic liquid
2 pcs. Anti-cellulite cream
2 pcs. Hand cream
2 pcs. Foot cream


Dear Partners, according to new Tax Code of RK, in order to get rewards in the amount of 800 000 and 3 000 000 tenge, Partners should provide an invoice for the realisation of goods! Attention, invoice is needed only for RK citizens! Invoice should be filled out in a hard copy. Copies filled out with pen will not be accepted. If you are an Individual Entrepreneur without VAT you need to put a seal of IE, if available. If you are an Individual Entrepreneur with VAT, then you need to indicate 12% and put a seal of IE, if available. Only original copies of Invoice, Job Completion Report, Agreement and Reconciliation Report should be provided.  Cash is issued only if till-receipt from a cash-register machine is available. In order to transfer the reward, an account should belong to IE.


Sample of till-receipt Download

Till-receipt Download

Sample of Job Completion Report for citizen Kazakhstan Download

Sample of Job Completion Report for non-citizen Download

Job Completion Report for citizen Kazakhstan Download 

Job Completion Report for non-citizen Download 

Agreement Download