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Magazine G-Time Corporation

Offer to your attention our first issue of the magazine G-Time.

The pages of which You can see: 

About our company 

About our factory, which produced our own creams, scrubs and masks based on shungite

Environmental friendly product Paradise Soap

Results on the use of products and reviews about the company

the leaders of the company

G-Time Travel

the Rest of our partners abroad at the expense of the company

 Magazine you can purchase at the head office G-Time Corporation in the city of Almaty 




Change in sets according to the VIP program

Option A

Sacvoyage -21 000 tenge
2 pcs. Active carbon-mineral filler based on shungite
4 things. Antiseptic liquid
2 pcs. Anti-cellulite cream
2 pcs. Hand cream
2 pcs. Foot cream


Change in sets according to the Main program

Option A

1 PC. watches (basic MEN'S WATCHES ONLY)
2 pcs. facial scrub
3 pcs. face cream
1 PC. Day face cream
1 PC. Night face cream
3 pcs. Body lotion
2 pcs. Mask for the face