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Shampoo for men. Deep cleansing

Shampoo deep cleansing is designed specifically for active, energetic men who love physical activity who want to remain attractive. The shampoo contains collagen, which will bring your hair in order, fill it with energy, strength and brilliance. This shampoo not only cleans from dirt, but also has a moisturizing, refreshing effect, strengthens the hair.

Method of application: Apply a small amount of the product to wet hair, massage with fingertips and rinse thoroughly with water

Cautions: In case of contact with eyes and mucous membranes, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep away from children.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to shampoo components




Change in sets according to the VIP program

Option A

Sacvoyage -21 000 tenge
2 pcs. Active carbon-mineral filler based on shungite
4 things. Antiseptic liquid
2 pcs. Anti-cellulite cream
2 pcs. Hand cream
2 pcs. Foot cream


Change in sets according to the Main program

Option A

1 PC. watches (basic MEN'S WATCHES ONLY)
2 pcs. facial scrub
3 pcs. face cream
1 PC. Day face cream
1 PC. Night face cream
3 pcs. Body lotion
2 pcs. Mask for the face